If you own one or multiple properties, then this service was designed with you in mind and here’s what EZrentPay has to offer you…

• Collect rent payments effortlessly online

Eliminate paper check processing and reduce collection costs by accepting payments online by electronic check (ACH) or debit or credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.


• Getting set up

Once you've completed the quick registration process, we collect your tenant's contact information and make them aware of the service being available.


• Automate your invoice process

By using the Invoice Scheduler you’ll be able to automate your invoice process and provide your tenants with automatic email reminders of when their rent is due.


• Receive more payments on time

“The checks in the mail” just won’t cut it anymore. Payments can be made online instantly and set up for automatic recurring payments.


• Increase the value of your property

Tenants with a history of late payments can diminish the value of your property.


• Attract more tenants

The ability for tenants to pay their rent online by electronic check or credit card becomes a marketable benefit that will attract tenants.


• Accounting Integration

The data generated through the use of this service can be easily integrated with most popular accounting software platforms.


• Tenant/Landlord Communication

EZrentPay's communication feature allows tenants and landlords to communicate effortlessly regarding maintenance items, work orders, and so on.


• Website Integration

Custom integration into your company’s website is available.


• Notifications, Alerts and Reminders

See when payments are made and provide customers with reminders of payments coming due.


• Security

PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant payments are processed by Sage, which is a leading merchant services and business management software provider. Formed in 1981 Sage employs more than 13,380 people, generate $2 billion in revenue, and serves over 6 million customers.


• Customer Service

Reliable 24/7 customer service.


• Reporting

Secure 24/7 online transaction reporting.


• Go Green!

Demonstrate your commitment to being environmentally responsible by reducing the amount of paper used for checks, invoices and envelopes!


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